Enthralling Entrances: The Primary Types of Electric Gates and How Each Operates

There has been a remarkable boost in the popularity of electric gates over the past few years, both for business and residential use. How people choose an electric gate depends on several factors. Why not limit your options based on what a supplier offers?

There are four common types of electric gates Northampton professionals recommend primarily for their design and function that offer security and protection for your property and assets.

Swing Gates

These are the most commonly used electric gates Midlands shops sell to both residential and commercial owners. As the name suggests, this type of gate swings open and close, requiring a good amount of space for clearance. Best used for areas with bigger driveways.

Sliding Gates

While these are not as popular as swing gates, they work in a similar manner. Rather than swing open or close, however, it slides to the side. This is ideal for driveways and places with limited space. Many commercial gates Leicester installers offer are either sliding or swing gate.

Articulated Gates

Similar to sliding gates, articulated gates also provide security without eating up a lot of driveway space. This type uses hinges that allow it to open inwards or outwards. Because the hinges are connected together, they fold against each other when the electric gate is activated and in operation.

Underground Gates

This type of gate is the most visually appealing of all electric gates, but also the most pricey. This is why not many can afford to have it installed. It uses under-gate Jack operators that control the pivot point of each gate leaf, so it will open and close up to 180 degrees. Because it uses underground motors with sensitive parts, it is highly recommended for domestic use or in an environment where abuse is low risk. Frequent opening and closing of the gate may hasten wear and tear.

Underground gates are perfect for clients who prefer opening and closing mechanisms to be kept hidden.

Questions to Ask to Help You Choose the Best Gate for Your Needs

Are you going to use it for residential or commercial applications?

If the gate is intended for business use, you can have any of the electric gates installed except for the underground gate.

Do you have lots of room to accommodate clearance needs?

With a wider and longer driveway, you can have a swing gate installed. For smaller, less spacious one, however, opt for sliding or articulated gate.

How much are you willing to spend for an electric gate?

The underground is the most expensive option. If you can afford it and it suits your needs, go for it.


If you are thinking about mounting electrical entrances on your property, make sure that you get in touch with your neighborhood gating authority as there are some countries that need individuals with electric gates to have them examined under regular basis. Likewise, it’s constantly suggested that you look for a reputable professional who is qualified to do the installation as electrical entrances could be very unsafe when they are not properly mounted or are not properly maintained. If you are searching for local stores that offer electric gates, check out http://www.magtecelectricgates.co.uk/